What do they mean by “special”?

SPECIAL education? SPECIAL services?
What’s so special about getting a low education, being denied necessary services to remain in your community and family, being segregated, and not having friends? 
Kid holding books on headDo you feel this way when thinking about your child’s special education plan or disability services yet wonder how you will find the time to fight for them, much less learn about every social service, special ed law and service? Do you not have the energy to devote to looking up special ed case law or Medicaid or insurance regulations? Don’t you have to go to work every morning? Pay the bills?
How can you attend millions of meetings, file every piece of paper, keep track of it all and STILL be a parent to a high-needs child?
GPS Advocacy was created to help you navigate the complicated special ed and disability services for your child. GPS Advocacy founder is Gloria Perez-Stewart (Perez-Walker), a disability and civil rights advocate, community organizer, and mother of child with special needs. GPS Advocacy offers a national disability and advocacy webcast, advocacy tips from the top special needs and education experts, and advocacy services for your child.

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